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Long-term commitment is significant, and at GIANTY, we believe that culture plays a vital role in our member commitments. That’s why we build a healthy and bonding culture for the robust development of both individuals and the organization.

Sharing and learning are considered the basic foundations for newcomers to get along with the company faster and easier. One of our traditional practices that GIANTY nurtures is an all-hands meeting every Monday morning when all members in each group could share about their past week. In addition, we treasure the moment when all staff of any level is gathering to welcome a new GIANTY’s family member.

Also, we have many chances to learn and engage the invaluable lessons learned from our experienced executive managers. We are so proud and honored to be welcomed as a new member, work with stellar people, and learn from actual experiences. Together we work, and together we grow.

We believe that our GIANTY members are always happy, motivated, proactive. As we build our dynamic culture, each individual within our organization has contributed to learning new skills and finding solutions for every problem as we are unstoppable.

We are the GIANTY, and we are proud to be part of the giant family!

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