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Gianty participates in Kant University Job Day held on Saturday 24 April 2021.
Kant University Job Fair is held annually with IT partner companies across Vietnam. In January of this year, Kant University and Gianty signed an agreement to cooperate in the research and development of human resources in advanced technology at Can Tho University. (

Can Tho University is a national university located in Can Tho city (about 170 km southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, South Vietnam) ranked 7th in the Vietnamese university rankings in 2016. 2020(* from

As an important bridge between companies, universities, and students, this agreement helps to introduce and promote their businesses and services, and share skills needed in the future.

In Vietnam, demand for IT engineers is increasing year by year, forecasting a shortage of IT human resources in the future. It’s not too severe compared to the engineer shortage in Japan, but we would like to see the development of IT human resources further promoted by taking advantage of the large pool of young people. Kant University’s employment rate is very high, especially for IT students, above 95%.

Realizing that acquiring IT expertise alone will not lead to success, Kant University seems to be focusing on acquiring teamwork and communication skills to be able to play a role. active role in the workplace after graduation. It’s great to enhance the skills and education needed for jobs at foreign-affiliated companies and overseas companies.
Therefore, Gianty awarded scholarships to five students at this job fair. (4 companies awarded scholarships this year)

The job fair was a great success, the number of students participating was 2,000 and the number of visitors to our booth was more than 600 people, and the pamphlets (500 sheets) that we prepared be not enough!

In addition, 300 CVs have registered and many people want to participate in internships.

In 2022, the internship period has not been reorganized because of the prolonged covid pandemic, Giant promises to bring more events in 2022.

Source: Vietnam Offshore Job Fair Kant University