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Job seekers attending a fair have lots of consideration: What booths to visit, who to talk and how to put forth a friendly face are crucial to job success.

People at job fairs sometimes come in groups of friends or with a school, for instance. We gave yourself a good booth reputation by keeping conversations brief, but informative. The most important information to deliver is open positions, the company environment and how to apply. Beyond that, we took the job seeker’s lead.


Morning of April 3, 2022, GIANTY attended the CSE JOB FAIR 2022 program that took place at the H6 campus, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Di An campus. There were more than 60 business booths from different fields such as technology, electronics, and communication… along with the participation of more than 1500 students of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering.

CSE JOB FAIR is a big, annual event of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering – Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. Ho Chi Minh City University, in order to connect, guide, gathers and welcome hundreds of great recruitment opportunities from domestic and foreign enterprises and corporations for students of the University.

Following the success of previous seasons, GIANTY attends CSE JOB FAIR 2022 with a completely new, more epic, more professional, and better quality aspect!




In the near future, there will have more cooperation activities with University partners from Gianty.





CSE JOB FAIR 2022 took place successfully, thereby further affirming the good relationship between enterprises and the universities. GIANTY would like to thank the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering for creating networking opportunities for businesses to accompany in this meaningful event.