Most companies focus on either providing strategies or solving problems. Gianty aims to combine both skills under one team by helping clients formulate products that drive business outcomes and help bring those products to life.

Software Development

With technology as our core,Gianty’s development team leverages top-notch technologies, frameworks, and methodologies to provide you the best experience in software development and publication.

Cloud Transformation

Helping businesses transform their onsite to online infrastructure in the age of cloud technology is our mission. GIANTY commits the highest standard to migrate your environment seamlessly and effortlessly with its certified AWS and Microsoft experts.

Staffing & Recruiting Services

Need talents? We will not only find you one but also the whole team of high calibers. We are ready to make your recruitment easier than ever by placing the right fit in a suitable position. All you have to do is to contact us anytime you need.

Software Quality Assurance

Software assurance is the crucial process to make sure your software works the way it is supposed to work. Doing with care, Gianty helps you hold serious problems and bugs at bay for smoother and better application deployment.

Digital Transformation

Today, more and more companies have migrated to newer technologies to support their business strategy. Gianty provides multiple solutions for you to accomplish in the most efficient and effective way using advanced and modern technologies. We are here to help you transform and accomplish higher goals and achievements.


Bringing the world into virtual reality, Gianty could transform your businesses with an immersive customer experience to try out your products without having one.

Graphic Design

As beauty is in our hearts, we have designed many games, computer graphics, and 3D modeling for the last 20 years. We confidently create a lively application for you with engaging UI/UX design and attractive colors.


Let us know how we can help

We constantly keep a laser-sharp focus on client needs and market trends. With forward-looking and actionable solutions, GIANTY is a company that’s with you every step of the way and beyond.