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While Virtual Reality (VR) brings you to a dreamlike and imaginary world, the Augmented Reality (AR) brings that world to your current location, at the right moment you are in with the actual environment surrounding you. In recent years, VR/AR industries are growing in leaps and bounds with significant applications in our daily lives.

One of the most sought-after AR applications was Pokemon Go, which once drove a craze in 2016. Not limited to entertainment, VR/AR industries also set their footprint in several major sectors, such as retails, construction, education, etc.

Shopping has never been easier with the accessibility of AR technology. Having the shoes tried on without actually trying them on stops the salesperson from going back and forth to the stock room. Meanwhile, the customers are faster in making decisions thanks to the immersive experience with all shoe designs in all available sizes and colors. It works for furniture shopping as well. You can furnish the room in your house with every single item on the IKEA catalog.

Moreover, the engagement of VR/AR in the construction field helps detect errors ahead of time and avoid costly mistakes. Now that engineers and architects can walk through the building in the very first place of the planning phase, they can spot out and amend errors before it is built. Both the collaboration and the safety standards are improved with the involvement of these cutting-edges.

The benefits from VR/AR applications have made a breakthrough in the education sector. Students are no longer struggling with difficult academic concepts. Besides, virtual reality field trips expose them to cultures and regions they have never been to, for example, a walk to the moon, a visit to Polar Bear’s homeland in the South Pole, etc. The barrier of time and physical boundaries now offers its place for the immersive learning experience with joy.

The advancement of technology plays a vital part in our lives. Especially, leveraging VR/AR can take our lives to the next level. There is much to look forward to.

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