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The year 2022 will be the breakthrough moment of technology. The advancement of tactile experience with a haptic vest; the most crucial here is a futuristic invention in the virtual reality realm.

When interacting in a virtual environment, haptic technology refers to any device that simulates the feeling of touch. It seems similar when we text on the iPhone keyboard, and the phone vibrates slightly to indicate that it’s a mechanical button.

It does not simply bring the user the usual pain, and it goes beyond your expectations like you will feel the weight when holding an object, the pressure when diving deep, or even the state of free fall by contracting muscles in the upper body and arms.

Maybe you already heard about the haptic vest in the past, and some workshops or webinars show its representation, but it was not touching the standards of the real sense. In 2022, we are more confident to mention it based on virtual reality and augmented reality technology.

Prioritizing investment in AR/VR product development is a brilliant idea if you want to stay ahead of the curve and capture the market.





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